Walker Totes/Catheter Bag Covers



Our guild makes walker totes and catheter bag covers all year for area hospitals. Members work on these and turn them in at our regular guild meetings to Kaye Christensen and Betty Herring, who deliver them to the Volunteer Offices at the hospitals. From there, these items are sent to rehab, PT, and nursing stations for any patient who needs them.

If you have any questions, contact Kaye Christensen at 601-264-8382 or klov708@aol.com.

Walker Totes Instructions

(5/8 inch seams)
Finished size: 13-16 inches wide by 10-12 inches deep
For bag – cut fabric 14 to 17 in. wide and 20 to 24 in. long. This can vary a little depending on size of your fabric.
For pockets – cut fabric 14 to 17 in. wide and 8 to 10 ins. long. Also can vary a little.
Hem the 2 shorter ends of bag and the top of the pocket.
Fold bag in half, matching hems. Mark the mid-point with pins or pencil.
Sew pocket onto the line you have marked, then fold back and pin to bag on sides. Sew a seam down the middle to make 2 pockets.
Maybe add another smaller pocket on the inside toward the top if you have the fabric. This one could be a size that would hold a cellphone. Or you could put 2 pockets on the front and the back of the tote. Extra pockets are nice but will depend on how much fabric you have. Feel free to adjust your tote as needed.
Fold bag inside out, matching seams at top then sew sides of bag. Turn right side out.
Add ties to sides. Ties should be long enough to easily tie around handles of walker. Usually 8 or 9 inches should be sufficient.
Ties can also be added into the side seams before sewing. Easiest to cut ties 16-18 inches long and double before sewing onto tote.
Ties can be grosgrain ribbon or made from same fabric as tote or any other suitable method. Pockets can be same fabric or a coordinating one.

Walker Totes



Walker Totes and Catheter Bag Covers

Walker Totes and Catheter Bag Covers Covers

Quilted or heavy-weight fabric commercial placemats that you no longer use or you find at garage sales are an easy shortcut for making walker totes. Just bring the two short ends together to make an “envelope” and sew the two sides together and attach two ties approximately 10″ long to each top side. Ties can be made from fabric, grosgrain ribbon or other strong material.


Catheter Bag Covers Instructions

Cut fabric 11″ x 26″. Fold in half, right sides together, so that it now measures 11″ x 13″. Sew the two sides together.

If using fabric for ties, cut them 2″ wide by about 21″ long. Turn in raw edges and sew down the long side. Fold these in half and place on each side of the bag. Sew a narrow hem in the top of the bag, including the ties on each side over the seam.

Bag should end up being about 10″ x 12″ with two ties about 10” long on each top side.

There are probably many ways this size can be accomplished and any of them are fine. Coordinating grosgrain ribbon can be used for the ties, as well as any bias binding you might have from a previous project.

Catheter Bag Cover

Catheter Bag Cover