SEW WHAT? Exhibit, February 2017

The Hattiesburg Arts Council sponsored a textile art exhibit and presentation at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center February 4, 2017. USM vocalists Cymon Davis and Angelica Sewer sang to open the program, followed by the featured speaker, Janice Hunter from Atlanta, who told about her African-inspired story quilts. Martha Ginn shared some history of Pine Belt Quilters and their 30 quilts on display. USM Apparel Construction and Design speakers displayed and described costumes for the Theatre Department. After trying to post my pictures, I am going to take an easier way out and refer you where there are far better pictures than mine: Go to Martha Ginn’s Facebook page as well as Hattiesburg Arts Council’s. There are excellent pictures there!

Janice Hunter

Martha Ginn

Ellen Hall

Joe Bingham