September Meeting with Betty Magee

We have been so busy this fall getting ready for the quilt show and holding the quilt show that regular activities have been pushed aside. This blog post will be brief and probably overlook items we usually cover. Our speaker at the September meeting was Betty Magee from Mendenhall, whose specialty is crazy quilts. Betty is a retired teacher who also trains and shows retrievers. She made her first crazy quilt about 10 years ago after admiring one her great-grandmother made in 1890. She collects all types of fabrics and enjoys mixing these for more interest, creating a new piece from old. Betty makes her quilts on squares of muslin foundation which is left in place. She begins with a center square or an irregular shape and machine sews bits of fabric in a circular fashion to create blocks; these blocks are joined into a larger piece and hand embroidery is added along the seam lines. 

Betty Magee

Betty Magee

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Some good news about one of our prolific quilters: Joe Bingham had two pieces accepted into the 2017 Hoffman Challenge. There were 22 friendship blocks (Hard Rock pattern) turned in, and Joe’s name was drawn. We received 56 pillows, nine preemie blankets, 30 walker totes and eight catheter bag covers. In spite of heavy quilt show preparations, our members are finding time to share their skills with others.

Snippets: Ellen Cox showed how to pull DMC floss from the numbered end of the skein to avoid tangling. She also told us that looking down the side of a spool of variegated thread rather than looking straight on the side will help see how the color will look when sewn.