March Meeting and Fractured Workshop

We met March 8 and after president Connie Hitt welcomed a room full of members and a few guests, Lois Mills read the humorous rules for GRITS–Girls Raised In The South. 

Betty Allen’s Star for workshop

Our program was by Betty Allen on How to Make a Ho-Hum Quilt Fabulous. Betty showed many examples of children’s quilts which she had made from some drab green fabric she was given. She used large squares or strips for the tops but cheered up these quilts by the addition of some appliqued frogs or other critters. Sometimes huge flowers were appliqued on over the background. Jo-Ann Evans also showed some examples of how to make simple quilts using cute children’s fabric.  

There were enough Friendship blocks to turned in for two drawings. The lucky recipients were Betty Moore and Lois Womack. Missy Lee showed a finished quilt she made from the Friendship Flower Pop blocks she had received several months ago.

Charitable Projects: Today we received 26 quilts plus 6 tops, 51 pillows, 21 blankets, 54 mother pads, 36 walker totes and 19 catheter bag covers. Betty Herring reported that FGH Hospice had called asking for more walker totes, and that she had made some and delivered there. We have given all finished children’s quilts to tornado victims we have heard about, so we have no quilts on hand for our July give away. Members are encouraged to be working on these.

Jo-Ann Evans’ easy CQ

Jo-Ann Evans’ jelly roll quilt with cat silhouettes



Snippets: Ellen Cox said she read in Kiplinger Magazine that staying busy and keeping mentally stimulated was recommended for healthy living and that quilting was one of 70 ways listed! Kiplinger is a well-known financial advice magazine.

Ellen also told about a neat trick she learned in Marilyn Rose’s February Fractured Quilt Workshop. Marilyn asked each person to bring a long piece of fabric as a way to transport strips from the cutting table to the machine. The strips were laid out on this long piece and the piece was then rolled up, leaving the strips hanging out the top and bottom of the roll. This roll could then be carried easily, or even tossed on the floor without the strips becoming dislodged. See this in the four pictures below from the workshop. Marilyn demonstrated this with Martha’s roll and everyone got a huge laugh out of the horror on Martha’s face. (Glad to be entertaining.)

Betty will lead a workshop on her Ho-Hum to Fabulous topic on March 22 at 9:00 in Choral Hall, teaching the star pattern shown in her quilts above. These will make great children’s quilts and it is hoped that several will be donated from this workshop. 

Martha Ginn cutting strips, laying them on the long piece of fabric

Marilyn rolling up Martha’s strips

Anne Esteve with her strip roll

Linda Flanders sewing her strips in order