Frances Good Presents May Program

Frances Good began quilting about 10 years ago and says she has really found her passion. Although she served as vice president during 2011-2012, she was always rather quiet, so we were delighted to see what this talented member has been up to. Her mother had made train quilts for Frances’ sons and had started quilts for Frances’ grandsons. Frances completed these three quilts and then began to explore other patterns and techniques. When she learned applique, she made two Celtic knot quilts, handquilting them. Next she made a Sampler, a Pineapple Log Cabin quilt, called Koi Pond, planning to enter a Pine Belt quilt show, but she had problems with her machine while quilting it and did not get it done in time for the show. She became Susie Jackson’s customer after this stressful experience.

 DSC02689-Good-1a-rsz DSC02688-Good-celt1-rsz DSC02690-Good-Celt-rsz
 DSC02691-Good-Samp-rsz  DSC02692-Good-PA-rsz


Judge’s Choice


Frances’ original design



Showing Susie Jackson’s quilting

Her next entry was in our 2012 show; it earned her a Judge’s Choice ribbon, greatly surprising her and increasing her confidence in her ability. She  then made six quilts for grandchildren (borrowing them back to show at our program). Frances took the MQA educational seminar class in 2012 from Marilyn Doheny and designed “The Bashful Zinnia” using the elements she had started in this 9-degree wedge class. Her quilts have names which reflect her love of color–Blue Bayou, Catch Me If You Can, Real Dreams, So Many Flowers, Arabian Nights, Hide and Seek, Star Light-Star Bright. A string quilting class resulted in a beautiful string quilt with Frances’ innovative borders and Susie’s innovative quilting.

Frances’ program was a big hit and many quilters wanted to see details and ask questions. Her proud husband helped her with the display and one could see his pride in her accomplishments. He said The Bashful Zinnia (below) is his favorite and it hangs on their wall.

DSC02710Good-1-rsz DSC02705-Good-2-rsz

President Susie Jackson reminded us of the upcoming MQA Gathering May 30-31 and the fact that five of our members were teaching classes there. We were encouraged to attend the Blueberry Jubilee in Poplarville  June 14  and sell tickets on our raffle quilt, Confette Stars. Connie Hitt entertained us with her original quilt words to the melody of “My Favorite Things.” We had six quilters join at today’s meeting, bringing our membership to 153. Reports from our charitable activities were that we brought in 24 walker totes, nine catheter bag covers, and 55 pillows. At the May Children’s Quilts workday we brought in 20 completed quilts and nine tops. We will present all our finished quilts to several agencies at our July luncheon meeting.

Sharon Barnes will present the June program on Barn Quilt Signs and lead the workshop the following week. She reminded all who want to make one to sign up so her husband can have the 24″ square boards cut and primed at the workshop.


Hubie and Sharon Barnes

Snippets: Ellen Cox said pressing sticks have been a popular addition to many quilters’ supplies. She showed how one can be made from a broom stick cut in half and covered with batting and muslin. Missy Lee suggested for those who need to try to secretly bring their fabric purchases into the house that if you keep an empty cereal box in your car you can hide the fabric in it. Just don’t let the husband help put away the groceries.


Missy Lee–how to hide your fabric purchases