February Meeting with Marilyn Rose; Quilt Show Theme Announced

Marilyn Rose from Ridgeland was our speaker for the February meeting as well as for the workshop. Marilyn has researched the beginnings of “fractured” quilts and added her own innovations, which she shared freely. She began by using repeats of fabric and then saw the ease and beauty of working with identical panels. This tip she gave at the workshop was a huge help for keeping strips in order while sewing, and I can see using it on many projects. She had us bring an extra piece of fabric (about the length of a towel) to lay out our strips on. After placing all the strips that were to be sewn in order, we rolled the strip up from the right to the left, making a roll with fabric hanging out the top and bottom. As we join piece 1 to piece 2, all the rest are safely tucked away under the edge of the roll. Unroll to get piece 3 and continue. The beauty of this is that pieces can stay in order from the cutting table to the sewing machine, or even if taking the project home from a workshop. 

We voted on a theme for our 2018 quilt show:  CELEBRATE MISSISSIPPI. With 2017 being our state’s 200th anniversary year, we should have many ideas to depict as we celebrate our state.

The Hattiesburg Arts Council SEW WHAT? exhibit was enjoyed by many, and it has been rewarding to hear comments. The exhibit will end Wednesday, March 1, and participants can receive their quilts at the March 8 meeting. Thanks to all who made this a successful event.  Here are a few more pictures from the exhibit.

Linda Basden

Vivian Plummer

Suzannah Patterson’s garment; Marietta Johnson’s quilt in background

Jo-Ann Evans

Vivian Plummer

Missy Lee

Joe Bingham

Betty Bingham