Donating Quilts in July

160 quilts ready to give

Connie Hitt welcomed several visitors and a new member to our July meeting and we all joined in singing “God Bless America.” Betty Allen gave the thought for the day, reminding us of many things that are wonderful about our lives and our country.

Quilt Show: Martha Ginn reminded the group about the August 1 deadline for discounted entry fee and encouraged members to get their entries in. Last show’s sponsors and businesses with ads in the catalog have been contacted. Suzannah Patterson has sent press releases to 98 newspapers around the state, and we will take pictures today of groups in front of the raffle quilt for hometown newspapers. Watch for these photos and bring in a copy for our Publicity Committee.

Beth McDaniel

Beth McDaniel

We finance our show through ticket sales on the raffle quilt, sales in the boutique, and contributions from the community. If you know of someone who would like to be a sponsor or advertise in our show catalog, be sure to pass this information on to Martha. Ellen Hall prepares the entry descriptions, and Linda Flanders does an outstanding job of preparing the catalog, and we want to give them as much time as we can for this huge undertaking. 

bookmark-finalThe Lucky Rabbit, a craft fair on Mobile Street in downtown Hattiesburg, draws about 4,000 people on the weekends it is open, we have been told. The LR is open four days each month beginning the first Thursday of the month–which means in October it is open the same weekend as our quilt show. We hope to get some posters and other publicity there to help direct people to our show. Our bookmarks are a big hit and are being distributed by our members and sent to shops all over the state. Be sure to take a handful of these and pass them out freely!

Charitable activities: Today we received 24 preemie blankets, 10 mother’s scent pads, 14 pillows, 16 walker totes, and 8 catheter bag covers. We appreciate all the ongoing volunteer work done by our caring members.

Parade of Children’s Quilts: The main event of today’s meeting was the parade of quilts and distribution of completed quilts to various agencies in our area. Many members work all year on children’s quilts, and these in the “parade” give us a chance to highlight and vote on a favorite. Only five were in the parade, but judging by the tables laden with approximately 160 quilts, it is obvious that our members have been generous. 2016-July-Parade

1st Betty Allen, 2nd Missy Lee, 3rd Anne Esteve

1st Betty Allen, 2nd Missy Lee, 3rd Anne Esteve

Annie Jackson from South Mississippi Children’s Center described the work they do in taking care of children who have to be removed from their home. This can be from a few days to a couple of months, and all children are given a PBQ quilt to take when they leave the shelter. Annie said some come with their belongings in a plastic bag. The shelter is trying to collect small suitcases, back packs and gym bags so that each child can leave with their clothes in something more permanent. We can help with this effort! Look through your closets.

Riley Herrin from Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention told about counseling a young Spanish-speaking victim and her family and the difficulty and confusion of working through an interpreter. But when the girl was allowed to chose a quilt to be her very own, the language barrier seemed to be lifted and smiles were finally seen. 2016-July  RileyHerrin-AJackson

Leigh Ann Leonard (from Forrest General) and Joan Harper (volunteer at Merit Health-Wesley) accepted quilts for these two hospitals. Leigh Ann described how touching it had been recently for her own son to be the recipient of a quilt. Representatives from the fire department were unable to attend, but some quilts were saved for them. We gave about 160 quilts and also sent some to the Ronald McDonald House in Jackson.2016-July LALeonard-AJackson]

Each of our guests stressed how meaningful these quilts had been to the recipients, who often found it amazing that PBQ would make these for people they don’t even know. There were quite a few tears and sniffles evident, and I think we all felt good about the joy that PBQ can bring. Thanks to Mary Nell for heading up the CQ group, as well as those who come to the workdays and work on these projects at home.


We enjoyed a delicious barbeque lunch catered by Stonewall’s Barbeque. Thanks to our members who brought desserts.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock

Dianne McLendon introduced the Friendship Block called Hard Rock (pictured here); it will be due back in September.

She also reminded us to be working on our Travel Poster Challenge, which is due in December.

Snippets: Ellen Cox showed a video she had prepared which helps to eliminate bulk at the corners of our bindings.

PBQ will host the Hattiesburg section of the 2016 MQA Educational Seminar taught by Mickey Depre on Friday and Saturday, July 22 and 23. The classes are Summer Carnival and Pieced Hexies Buffet.