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June was Treasure Hunt Month

At our June meeting after Margie Hancock called the meeting to order, Jean Martin gave the thought for the day. This was Treasure Hunt day and there were tables chock-full of “treasures” that some members had purged from their closets for other quilters to buy. Tables were set up all around the room, and these didn’t hold it all. Our member Myrna Jones is moving away and she generously donated her supplies and fabric to the guild. There was enough of this that the overflow will be saved for the Boutique at the show. Thanks, Myrna! And thanks to Margie Hancock and her husband Wayne for several days of picking up, measuring, pricing, and storing all of it. Sorry I did not get a picture of all those full tables!

Betty Reid described quilt show duties to acquaint members with how they can work at the quilt show. She reminded everyone that they need to work at least four hours during the show or else  pay admission. See the June newsletter for more about the duties.

Mary Nell Magee made a motion that the two Best of Show quilts be made by no more than two people and that the Best of Show-Small be no larger than 69” on any side. After discussion, the motion passed.

Shirley Wiltshire reminded us to be bringing items for the Boutique, including scraps. Shoppers fill Ziploc bags with these scraps, making this scrap table one of the most popular areas at the show.

Anne Hindmarch was the winner of the Friendship block drawing.

The UFO Challenge quilts were shown and recorded; UFO #3 will be due at the August meeting.

Remember the Parade of Children’s Quilts for the July meeting. Mary Nell will have representatives of several agencies present to receive our finished quilts. If you didn’t make reservations for your Stonewall Barbeque lunch, contact Missy Lee. 

Dianne McLendon brought her finished self-portrait that she began in the Mary Lou Weidman class. She said the thought bubble contains whatever was going through her head while she stitched this.

Charitable activities: Joe Bingham topped his previous record of donations by bringing 45 CQs in today. We also received 20 walker totes, 6 catheter bag covers, 6 preemie blankets, 10 mother pads, and 50 pillows.

If you can solicit an ad for our show catalog, send the money and necessary information to Betty Bingham, who will then send to Linda Flanders for the layout. Thanks to Betty for taking on this job. This is an important part of how we finance our show.

Be sure to sell your raffle tickets. This is our major fund raiser, essential for us to put on a show. Kaye Christensen has more tickets, so get in touch with her for more in case you run out. Posters will be available at the July meeting for anyone to take to display. Thanks to the Patio 44 waiter who helped us get pictures for the posters. 

Dianne McLendon and Patio 44 waiter


May Meeting with Susan Mogan

Our May meeting was quite exciting and inspirational with Susan Mogan from Mobile showing us quilts she has made on her journey from traditional to art quilter. She had the privilege of living in Paducah, Kentucky (otherwise known as “Quilt City”) from 2005 to 2013. There she had the opportunity to attend the shows, see special exhibits, and belong to an art quilting group that even included Caryl Bryer Fallert. Since moving to Mobile, she has been an active member of Azalea City Quilters and Azalea City Art Quilters.

Susan told us about quilts made for special occasions and showed many that were the result of guild challenges. She often participates in the AQS New Quilts from Old Favorites and has had quilts featured in magazines and journals.

Here are some of her quilts. It is obvious to see that she has much to teach us, and the design workshop on Thursday, May 24, was quickly filled.

Susan’s Nine Patch variation for AQS New Quilts from Old Favorites

Notan technique

Four blocks, one design (R); guild challenge (L)

Susan’s design for Mobile guild’s quilt, “Quilt City in Bloom: Dogwood Time in Paducah”

Four art quilts depicting the Elements–Earth, Water, Air, Fire
(Water should be rotated once to R–water pouring off an umbrella)

A full room of quilters were amazed at Susan’s productivity

Her Elements series resulted in four pieces, earth, water, air, and fire (the fire piece says “Is this a flash of inspiration or just a hot flash?”), which gives an idea of her clever sense of humor!

Special thanks go to Betty Reid and Linda Hull for holding the quilts for us. This is not an easy job, and they sometimes only got to see the back sides.

Quilt Show News: Martha Ginn led a discussion about our upcoming quilt show, asking for members to think of their individual priorities regarding the show. Some of these are:

  • Plan what you want to enter and complete your quilts
  • Fill out Entry forms. It’s not too early. Remember the discount deadline is August 1. ALL FORMS ARE ON WEBSITE AND AT EACH MEETING
  • Sell tickets on our raffle quilt Mississippi Kaleidoscope
  • Ask your friends to place ads in the show catalog; turn in to Betty/Joe Bingham
  • Publicize the show by handing bookmarks to everyone you see
  • Make boutique items
  • Finish your Silent Auction item (turn in to Betty Allen by August 1)
  • Be thinking about when you will help with the show. Barb Peters will be scheduling

Special Exhibit: Southern Fiber Artists (SFA) will be our Special Exhibit (where Hoffman Challenge has been)

Vendors: Be making your shopping list to support the vendors. A scissors sharpener will be among them, so plan to take advantage of this service.

Lectures: We always have an interesting line-up of Lectures during the show. Do you have ideas for some of these?

Treasure Hunt at the June 20 Meeting. You may bring any quilt-related items to sell—sort of like a garage sale or flea market. Have items priced, and place an envelope nearby to receive the money.

Rhonda Blasingame will present the program and workshop on Threadpainting in June.

April Is for Applique

Frances Good

I heard that the April PBQ meeting was a good one, but I was unable to be there, so I hope my report is accurate. (This is Martha Ginn writing.) Frances Good, Sharon Barnes, and Jo Ann Kenney presented an overview of applique methods with many examples of different techniques. They will lead a hands-on workshop on Thursday, April 26, in Choral Hall at UBC. 

Sharon Barnes

Jo Ann Kenney











Raffle Quilt is finished: Here is the big reveal of our Mississippi Kaleidoscope raffle quilt!

Mississippi Kaleidoscope

Mississippi Kaleidoscope, border detail

Thanks to Linda Flanders, who finished the piecing, and Susie Jackson, who quilted it, plus all the others who stitched blocks. Anne Hindmarch cut most of the fabric and prepared paper foundation kits to get the quilt started. Several quilters worked at the meeting to hand-stitch the binding in place.

Group binding the quilt

Pictures were taken, and bookmarks are being prepared. Kaye Christensen has tickets and bookmarks, so be sure to get these from her. We need to sell lots of tickets on this beautiful quilt. If you want to take it to a club meeting to show, contact Martha Ginn. It will be at the MQA Gathering in Jackson June 1-2 and at the Blueberry Jubilee in Poplarville June 9.

Snippets: Ellen Cox showed some pictures to explain the Snippets feature on chain-piecing blocks. 

Ellen Cox’s Snippets

UFO Challenge: Quilt #4 on your list was due at the April meeting. Quilt #5 is due in June.

Self-Portrait Workshop with Mary Lou Weidman: Missy Lee and Betty Bingham showed their in-progress pieces from this fun workshop. We look forward to seeing more of these pieces.

Missy Lee

Betty Bingham

Quilt Show News: The Entry Forms and Information Page are on the website under the Quilt Show tab. You can download the Entry Form to your computer and type in all the information before you print and mail in. Of course, the forms may be hand-written as usual, but typing will make entering these into the database and show catalog easier. Copies of these forms will be available at the May, June, and July meetings. Remember, entry deadline is August 15; discount entry deadline is August 1.

May meeting: Susan Mogan from Mobile will be our guest speaker at the May 9 meeting, followed by a workshop on Thursday, May 24.

March with Mary Lou Weidman

Our March 14 meeting almost didn’t happen because our guest speaker, Mary Lou Weidman from Spokane Valley, Washington, had flight delays and would be several hours late arriving in Mississippi. Luckily, we were able to move the morning meeting to afternoon and notify everyone to come to the meeting at 1:00 p.m.

Mary Lou learned to quilt from her grandparents and then studied fine arts in school and pursued several art jobs, while raising three small children and dreaming of owning her own studio. She has written five quilting books, owns a pattern company, has designed fabric lines and taught in 48 of the 50 states plus internationally.

She began making and teaching story quilts in 1988 and is best known for her whimsical, out-of-the-box quilts. In addition to her encouraging words to help quilters express themselves, she left us with four pieces of advice:

  1. Give a compliment
  2. Share a skill
  3. Share your stash
  4. Buy a beautiful card and send to someone not expecting it

Mary Lou taught a two-day workshop Thursday and Friday, attended by 17 participants. We look forward to seeing these interesting Self-Portraits. Below are some pictures from the workshop.


Quilt Show: Kaye Christensen had raffle tickets ready for each member. If you did not get yours, be sure to pick them up at next meeting. The quilt should be at the April meeting for us to get photos so bookmark advertisements can be prepared. Start telling your friends about Mississippi Kaleidoscope so they will be wanting to buy tickets. All members are responsible for at least 20 tickets.

Charitable activities: Today we received 16 quilts, 17 pillows, nine preemie blankets, 128 mother pads, 20 walker totes, and six catheter bag covers. Mary Nell announced there are quilt kits ready to take home and complete. Betty Bingham reminded us of good selections in our library.

Interleave Quilts from the Jackie Watkins workshop

We had a good showing of finished Interleave Quilts after Jackie Watkins’ class on March 1.

The Field of Daisies Friendship blocks were won by Frances Good and Rose Naguin.

UFO Challenge: Quilt #1 was due today. Quilt #4 is due next month—April. We inadvertently have a couple of extra months’ notice for the next quilt due. The drawing was scheduled to be held in April, but it was drawn in March. Quilt #5 will be due in June. The last three quilts will be due in August, October, and December. I am glad for some extra notice on what order I should be working on these!

Rose Naguin and Theresa Wege with Mary Lou Weidman

Dianne McLendon

Susie Jackson with Mary Lou Weidman

Margie Hancock

Lois Womack

Barb Peters

Sue Allmon

Missy Lee

Betty Reid

February with Jackie Watkins

Shelley Taylor and Jackie Watkins with Jackie’s Oriental Dresdens quilt

Jackie Watkins, from Ridgeland, wowed us with her Trunk Full of Challenges at our February 14 meeting. Jackie makes quilts of all sizes, from huge (see this one) to miniature challenge pieces depicting a theme (a color and a noun). The variety of themes are a good starting point for trying a multitude of techniques and ideas and have led Jackie to experiment with methods she might never have tried. She showed several examples of Interleave Quilts and will teach a workshop on this technique March 1. Preregistration is required.

Jackie’s Katrina quilt


An Interleave Quilt

UFO Challenge: Sixteen members turned in their list to participate in this year’s challenge. UFO #1 on the list will be due at the March meeting, and UFO #4 due at the April meeting. A number will be drawn in April for the UFO to be due in June. The schedule of later drawings and when the UFOs will be due is like this:

February-Draw #1 March–#1 due
February-Draw # 4 April–#4 due
April–Draw # June–due
June–Draw # August–due
August–Draw # October–due
October–Draw # December–due

Charitable Activities: Today we received these items from our generous members: 54 pillows, 9 preemie blankets, 10 mother pads, 109 walker totes, 6 catheter bag covers. We had several children’s quilt kits ready to take home; members who want to help with Children’s Quilts and cannot attend the CQ workdays enjoy taking these kits prepared by Bonnie Bolt.  Betty Bingham also reminded us of our extensive guild library. She commented on Jodi Barrows’ third book and is ordering it for our library. These are well researched books based on Jodi’s family’s love of quilts. Jodi has been a vendor and speaker at our last three shows but will not be able to be at our 2018 show because of her celebration of her 40th anniversary with a cruise. We will look forward to having her back in 2020.

Quilt Show: Martha Ginn announced that Betty Reid has agreed to be co-chair for our 2018 show, and that Categories had been decided (posted on the website under Quilt Show tab). Information Page and Entry Form will be available soon. The raffle quilt is still in progress, but the top was ready for us to see. Thanks to Anne Hindmarch, Dianne McLendon, Susie Jackson, and Linda Flanders for hours of hard work to get it to this point. Susie is machine embroidering borders that will be added. We asked for suggestions for the name and heard many words like Mississippi, kaleidoscope, diamonds, spring, gems, with the result being “Mississippi Kaleidoscope.”

Beginnings of raffle quilt, Mississippi Kaleidoscope

We can order tickets and begin selling these. Members were also asked to ask their friends and business owners to help us by placing ads in the show catalog. We need everyone to help with fund raising, not just to put on the show, but to make it possible for us to bring in excellent teachers for our programs.

March meeting and workshop: We will have Mary Lou Weidman from Spokane Valley, WA, as our guest speaker in March. She is well-known for her whimsical Self-Portraits. Here are a couple of pieces she sent to whet our appetite for the class.

Self Portraits by Mary Lou Weidman

January 2018 and UFO Challenge

New president Margie Hancock welcomed the new year. Barb Peters read “The Twelve Days After Christmas” to the group–a comical play on words from the traditional poem/song.

Our program was by Nancy Lee from The Fabric Dock on Hwy 49S in Wiggins. She brought many samples and patterns for fabric collage. Nancy constructs these pieces on Pattern Ease, using Steam-a-Seam. She offered 20% off on all purchases at the meeting and also gave the members a 15% discount coupon to use online or at the store. Her hours are Wednesday-Saturday, with a Coffee Club at 9:00 a.m on Thursdays. See the website

Nancy and David Lee from The Fabric Dock

Seahorse by Dianne McLendon

Steer by Dianne McLendon

Hulda Ingram showing patterns from The Stitchin’ Post



Hulda Ingram showed The Stitchin’ Post’s patterns and reminded members of a 20% discount in the store on each PBQ meeting day (2nd Wednesdays). 

Examples of fabric collage were also shown by Susie Jackson, Dianne McLendon, Elle Gill, and Martha Ginn. Susie will conduct a workshop (Thursday, January 25) on the Mississippi block she showed. 

Mississippi Block by Susie Jackson

Turtle by Elle Gill

Frog by Elle Gill

Elizabeth, My Almost Perfect Cat by Martha Ginn











Missy Lee presented our 2018 budget for approval. Our dues ($20/annually) are not sufficient to keep bringing in national teachers for meetings, so during show years (even-numbered years), it is vitally important that each member helps with raising funds: (sell raffle tickets, contribute boutique items, and donate Silent Auction items).

The raffle quilt should be ready to show at the February meeting. We will need to name the quilt, so be thinking of an appropriate name. Here’s a teaser of what the blocks look like: 

Blocks from 2018 Raffle Quilt

2018 UFO Challenge: Dianne McLendon presented the plans for our 2018 challenge. This challenge is to encourage/push/guilt us into finishing UnFinished Objects! Quilt show year is the perfect time to pull out projects and finish them. The abbreviated rules are: On the UFO Challenge Sheet, lists six UFOs in number order that were begun BEFORE January 1, 2018, and turn in this Sheet to Lois Womack. Numbers will be drawn, with the quilt that corresponds to that number from your list finished and presented two months later. Finished quilts can earn fat quarters, with a drawing for the $100 prize at the December meeting. Complete Rules and sign-up Sheet can be found here. Or go to Guild Activities/2018 UFO Challenge. 

Perfect Attendance: Eleven members had perfect attendance during 2017; Sarah Ketchum’s name was drawn for the perfect attendance prize. Be sure to sign in at the Attendance table at each meeting.

Quilt Show: Martha Ginn asked us all to think about what we were working on to enter the show. She also asked for volunteers to fill show committee responsibilities. Categories will be decided and announced soon. 

Friendship Block: 

Field of Daisies, due back in March 2018

Charitable Activities: Today we received 13 children’s quilts, 33 blankets, 10 mother pads, 39 pillows, 17 walker totes, and 6 catheter bag covers. Bonnie Bolt has prepared kits ready to create CQs. Be sure to pick these up and bring back to the meeting (or CQ workdays on first Tuesdays) when they are finished.

February meeting on 14 will feature Interleave Quilts with Jackie Watkins as the speaker. Jackie will present a workshop on Thursday, March 1 in Choral Hall.  

Example of Interleave Quilt

December Meeting with Reveal of 2017 Modern Classics Quilt Challenge

Room full of quilters

We had a full room of quilters and guests for our December meeting. In addition to giving 192 quilts and 55 stockings and a huge table of toys and gifts, we had the exciting reveal of our 2017 Crayon Modern Classics Quilt Challenge.  

Dora from Advocates for Freedom







We presented outgoing president Connie Hitt with a quilt from blocks made by members and assembled by Betty Allen and quilted by Susie Jackson. Connie passed her gavel on to Margie Hancock, who will serve the next two years as president. 

Margie Hancock and Connie Hitt (Quilt by Dianne McLendon in background)

Connie Hitt and her President’s quilt

Mary Nell Magee

Table full of quilts ready to give

Table of stockings and gifts













Mary Nell Magee introduced speakers from the agencies there to receive the quilts and gifts. She also recognized our member Joe Bingham for his making over half of the quilts we have given this year. Joe and his wife Betty also head up the pillow project, and Betty Herring is in charge of the walker totes and catheter bag covers.



Our year’s total for all these gifts reads like this:

487 quilts
358 pillows
197 preemie blankets
413 mother pads
203 walker totes
97 catheter bag covers


Dianne McLendon led this challenge during the year and made a beautiful quilt according to the rules–use the three crayon colors you drew from the bag (plus neutrals), make 20 blocks, altering them (“making modern”) in some way, set and complete the quilt. She would not allow her quilt to be part of the competition, but it was agreed that her quilt was a winning example of today’s “modern” quilts. Voting was by ballot, and the winners were:

1st–Jo-Ann Evans
2nd–Betty Reid
3rd–Lois Womack

All are pictured under Guild Activities/2017 Challenge.   Or click Here.


November — Slides of Ireland

Cliffs of Moher

Pine Belt Quilters met Wednesday, Nov. 8. The program was a slide show of Martha Ginn’s trip to Ireland in June. To relate the pictures to quiltmaking, Martha called attention to the beauty in green fields, stone fences, rocky coasts, sheep, flowers, and ancient architecture. She showed two art quilts inspired by the trip.

Field of cattle

Sand blown up over centuries makes this church appear sunken

Colorful shops in Dingle on Dingle Peninsula

Art quilt inspired by grasses at the Cliffs of Moher

Dianne McLendon reminded the group that the completed Modern Classic Challenge quilts are due at the December meeting. The Friendship Blocks are also due. 

Four members showed their completed Cynthia England pieces–congratulations to Beth McDaniel and Missy Lee on the Mountain scene, and Dianne McLendon and Linda Flanders on the Beach scene. Beth commented that it was hard! Linda said it was addictive once she got going. Be sure to bring your finished pieces to show us.


December lunch will be catered by Seasoned with Love. If you have not made your reservation, send your $10 to Missy Lee and indicate choice of beef or chicken. 

Charitable activities: We will give our Children’s Quilts to agencies at the December meeting, so bring any you have ready (with label). Elvia Edwards reported on the gift of 63 quilts to Hurricane Harvey flood victims in Houston. Today we received 20 quilts, 57 pillows, 10 mother pads, 11 preemie blankets, 18 walker totes,and 11 catheter bag covers.

Ellen Cox shows handy  container for lap stitching

Snippets: Ellen Cox’s snippet was a handy item you can make for hand sewing in your lap. Glue white felt to the inside of a large strong paper plate. Add a magnet to hold scissors, a pin cushion, any other helpful attachments. Members with December birthdays are reminded to bring a wrapped quilt-related gift to be given for a door prize.

It’s time to pay your dues for the 2018 year. Ellen has membership forms and asks that we either fill one out or mark the box “NO CHANGES” when you turn in your $20.00 check or cash. 

October with Cynthia England

Although Cynthia England had a foot of flood water in her studio during Hurricane Harvey in September, she was recovered enough to keep her schedule for our October meeting and workshop. She showed us some of her prize-winning quilts and talked about starting her quilt journey at age 13. Her quilts have won Best of Show, Viewers’ Choice, and named among the 100 Best Quilts of the 20th Century. She proudly admitted to being 58 years old and looking forward to making many more quilts. We welcomed several visitors from the Jackson area, and one from Alaska. PBQ is fortunate to be able to bring internationally known quilters and teachers to our Hattiesburg meetings! Thanks Dianne McLendon and Susie Jackson for your dedicated work on our program/workshop planning committee.

Shirley Wiltshire told us about garden flags for a boutique project this month. She has instructions and measurements available. Dianne McLendon said she had found a bargain at Dollar Tree stores–a substitute for template plastic.

Charitable activities: We received 14 pillows, 13 preemie blankets, 37 mother pads, 14 walker totes, and 6 catheter bag covers.

Quilts for Houston area hurricane victims: We had 60 quilts turned in to be sent to Elvia Edwards’ daughter for distribution as needed in the Houston area. Karen Edwards’ church is active in assisting victims and she can be sure the quilts are placed where they are most needed.

Friendship Block:  Christmas Star. Due back at December meeting.

Cynthia England workshop: We had 27 quilters in Cynthia’s class working on either the Mountain or Seashore designs. Since Cynthia uses only straight lines to create her works, she showed us how to alter a design from curves into straight lines. She furnished kits of fabrics so we could get started on her freezer-paper-on-top method of sewing. We had all previously done foundation piecing with paper on bottom, but Cynthia’s technique is different and does not require sewing through any paper. 

We enjoyed showing her Hattiesburg and taking her to a couple of our favorite restaurants–Crescent City Grill and Patio 44.  We voted on officers for 2018-2019. Ellen Hall, Missy Lee, and Dianne McLendon are repeating in their jobs. Thanks to these who are willing to serve. 

Ellen Hall, Missy Lee, Margie Hancock, Dianne McLendon, Jo Ellen Carr

Cynthia England at Patio 44 in Hattiesburg



September with Teresa Pino

Teresa’s Graffiti Doodle Diamonds

At the September meeting president Connie Hitt welcomed a full house of members and visitors. Helen Thornton reminded us of our many blessings in her thought for the day, poem about “drinking from my saucer because my cup has overflowed.”

Teresa Pino, professional longarm quilt artist from Hernando, MS, presented a program about her quilting journey from learning to quilt at her grandfather’s upholstery shop to owning two longarm machines and quilting about 300 quilts per year for customers. She had grandparents on both sides who sewed and quilted, so she came by her love of stitching very naturally. Teresa showed quilts her grandfather and grandmother had made, as well as her own early quilts such as a Dutch Doll for her “hope chest” to welcome a granddaughter in the future. Her most unusual quilt was by her Mama Ann, which featured motifs cut from a variety of fabrics and appliqued to navy blue denim, with the squares being joined by crochet stitches.

Teresa encouraged us all to “Do what you like; like what you do.” This is good advice when we are faced with an ever-widening array of styles, techniques, and methods.


Teresa with one of her early traditional quilts

Going modern

Going modern

Mama Ann’s denim/crochet quilt

Drawing was held on the Raffle Quilt made by Elle Gill for Children’s Quilts. The winner was Amanda Soljan of Grand Bay, AL. The proceeds will be used for ordering batting.

Shirley Wiltshire showed pictures of gift tags, luggage tags, and postcards—her suggestion for boutique items this month. The Friendship blocks were won by Dorothy Williamson. Betty Bingham announced that the library has some new books.

Modern Classics Challenge: Dianne McLendon distributed the last group of block designs for this Challenge. The complete list is published (Guild Activities/2017 Modern Classics Challenge). The finished quilts are due at the December meeting.

Charitable activities: Today we received 26 pillows, 26 baby blankets, 70 mother pads, 16 walker totes, and 10 catheter bag covers. There are kits available to take home for Children’s Quilts.

Snippets: Ellen Cox said she had seen several helpful hints on Sewing with Nancy, such as using a pool noodle to roll quilts on for storage, which avoids wrinkling. Another tip was to sharpen needles on a steel wool pad.

Nominating Committee Report: Dianne McLendon announced the nominating committee’s slate of officers for two-year terms beginning in 2018. We expressed our appreciation for retiring president Connie Hitt and newsletter editor Linda Flanders. Connie had served two years, and Linda had written our newsletters for six years. Dianne, Ellen, and Missy are continuing in their positions. The proposed slate, to be voted on at October meeting:

  • President – Margie Hancock
  • Vice President – Dianne McLendon 
  • Secretary-Membership – Ellen Hall 
  • Secretary-Newsletter – Jo Ellen Carr
  • Treasurer – Missy Lee 

Next month’s meeting will be a program by Cynthia England, best of show winner in Houston in the fall of 2016. She will speak at the Wednesday meeting and lead a workshop the following day.