December Meeting – Christmas Luncheon

Susie Jackson opened our December meeting introducing Connie Hitt who sang her quilter’s version of “My Favorite Things.” Connie then led the group in singing a couple Christmas carols. Julie Radovich offered a thought for the day; and Kat Spangler, associate minister of University Baptist Church offered a prayer for the season.

There was a long list of people to add to our prayer list. Please keep them in your thoughts. Debbie Demarks had a recent biopsy. New member Barbara Dickson’s husband has cancer. Martha Ginn is recuperating from knee replacement surgery. Paula Jones’ husband is recovering from heart surgery. Former member Rhoda Libiez, who moved to Houston, has been placed in a hospice unit. Kim Overstreet is recovering from a crushed shoulder. Geraldine Simmons passed away last week. Shirley Walley lost her house and all its contents in a fire.

Dianne McLendon distributed the last of the friendship blocks for 2014. The winners were Betty Allen, Linda Basden, Judy Byrd, Kaye Christensen, Renee Dembowski, Gloria Green and Kathy Houseal. Dianne also handed out the last fabrics and instructions for the Round Robin Challenge. The quilts will be displayed at the February meeting and there will be a prize for the winner.

Betty Moore, chairman of the Children’s Quilt Group thanked members of her group and other guild members for making the many quilts we were able to distribute to a group of charities we support. Representatives at the meeting were from the Domestic Abuse Family Center, Forrest General Hospital, Hattiesburg Fire Department, the Shafer Center, South Mississippi Children Services and Wesley Medical Center. We enjoyed the company of these representatives and they went away with more quilts to distribute in their work. In February, Betty will be delivering quilts to the Veterans Home in Collins.

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 Quilts  Giving1

Joe Bingham was given some very old nine patch blocks which he put together into a quilt. At the meeting, he auctioned off the quilt. The winning bid was $100.00. and the money will go to the Children’s Quilt Group.

Joe Bingham with auction quilt

Joe Bingham with auction quilt


At our January PBQ meeting, we will discuss and select a theme for the 2016 quilt show. The theme for our 2014 show was samplers. It worked out well. We had a very diverse and interesting group of entries for that show. Be thinking of themes that might interest you. A chairman for the show has not been chosen yet; but we can, at least, choose a theme so that we can begin working on our entries.

Charitable activities: Our members turned in 25 blankets (a total of 50 for the year) and 82 pillows (a total of 772 for the year), 12 walker totes (a total of 199 for the year) and six catheter bag covers (a total of 114 for the year). These are for donation to area hospitals.

Snippets: Missy Lee passed out Tootsie Rolls and a list of quilt related uses for them. The list was supplied by Moda.

  1. Hold the ball in the palm of your hand and use the stick as an extension of your finger when sewing at the machine – the perfect stiletto.
  2. Use the stick as a “stylus,” to draw the quilting design on your block before quilting.
  3. For a temporary adhesive . . . just “lick and stick.”
  4. Emergency piece of freezer paper for appliqué.
  5. The stick can be broken off and used as an emergency replacement for the thread spindle on your sewing machine.
  6. Pressing tool . . . Hint: leave wrapper on if you don’t want your pieces to get sticky.
  7. Use the stick as a turning tool.
  8. Quick fix when your blood sugar drops too low . . . remember, if you get the “shakes your stitches won’t be even.”
  9. Wrapper can be used as a template of 2-3 ½” finished half square triangles. Just draw a line on the diagonal and stitch ¼” on both sides of the line.
  10. Lint grabber when changing your bobbin.