August Meeting and Confetti Quilts

President Susie Jackson welcomed us to our August meeting, and Faye Barlow brought the thought for the day.

Shirley Wiltshire showing her confetti quilt

Shirley Wiltshire showing her confetti quilt

Shirley Wiltshire presented a program on Confetti Quilts, giving information she had learned from Noriko Endo’s book Confetti Naturescapes: Quilting Impressionist Landscapes.  Rather than templates and carefully cut and joined pieces, this type of quilt uses tiny bits of cut-up fabric, thread, yarn, ribbon (see orange pieces between Shirley and Susie) to create a landscape or abstract. She showed slides of Noriko’s photo inspiration and the quilts made from the idea. Fabrics that are dyed rather than printed (so both sides look the same) work best, and they are slashed many times with the rotary cutter on a mat and stored by color. The tiny bits of color are then applied to a fabric or batting background just as paint is applied to a canvas, totally covering the background. This surface is then covered with a layer of tulle, pinned in place, and stitched closely to trap the fabric between the layers. Shirley will lead a workshop on this technique Wednesday, August 26. Shirley showed a quilt she had made after taking a class with Noriko, as well as quilts by Jackie Watkins, who combined the confetti technique with a twisted tree technique.

Shirley Wiltshire with Susie Jackson holding Jackie Watkins' confetti tree quilt

Shirley Wiltshire with Susie Jackson holding Jackie Watkins’ confetti tree quilt

Treasure Hunt: After the program, quilters shopped at two walls of tables covered in quilt-related items–magazines, fabric, magazines, patterns, magazines, thread, magazines, books, etc., and lots of people cleared out some storage space, while others took home treasures they wanted. Proceeds from two of the tables went to Children’s Quilts funds. We enjoy this once-a-year opportunity to pass on what we no longer use and pick up other items to take their place.

Boutique: Donna Crager showed a clever tote bag and invited quilters to come to her house in State Line where she would have the supplies needed for these. Participants will make two bags–one for the show Boutique, and one to keep. Donna encouraged everyone to be creating items for the Boutique; the leftover magazines will also be saved for this purpose.

Ellen Cox with Quilt Binding Express (note binding roll on ribbon)

Ellen Cox with Quilt Binding Express tool (note binding roll on ribbon)

Snippets: Ellen Cox advised us, when finished with a quilt top, to place all remaining fabrics together until the entire quilt is done. Preferably, go ahead and cut binding strips, even rolling them onto a cardboard tube. She also showed the June Tailor Quilt Binding Express binding tool that is handy for pressing binding without burning fingers. The slots handle 2″, 2-1/4″ and 2-1/2″ strips.

Benevolent Fund: We have given a quilt to Otha Mae Edwards, who has been battling cancer. Susie appointed a committee of Bonnie Bolt, Missy Lee, and Liane McCall to respond to special needs among our members; members donated $170 to start this fund.

Charitable Activities: We received three preemie blankets, 47 mothers’ scent pads, and 47 pillows today. Forrest General NICU unit has requested small “mothers’ scent pads” for mothers to share with their preemies to help with bonding. Linda Flanders, Renee Dembowski, Joyce Bohan, Martha Ginn, and Jennifer Courtney (NICU nurse) met recently and constructed four NICU isolette covers, plus about 20 flannel blankets from the remainder of the flannel. Jennifer had furnished the batting, flannel, and gray lining fabric for the isolette covers. She said that any size little pads and blankets are used in multiple ways. All materials were prewashed and dried hot for shrinkage.

2016 Quilt Show Update: Martha Ginn announced the VisitHattiesburg Challenge $250 purchase award theme: “Curious George visits de Grummond.” Kristen Brock from VisitHattiesburg said:

The de Grummond Children’s Literature collection located on USM’s campus is a hidden tourism gem and the sole repository of the original papers, manuscripts and illustrations of H.A. and Margret Rey, the creators of Curious George, among many other original pieces of children’s literature – the largest collection in the world. In 2016 Curious George will celebrate 75 years, and the de Grummond Collection will mark 50 years. We feel that this monumental year for both makes “Curious George visits de Grummond” an appropriate quilt theme.
We have permission to depict the de Grummund collection. We are making inquiries regarding Curious George copyright matters and will have more information available later.

Reminder of the Jackson Quilt Show: September 11-12-13, 2015, at the Mississippi Craft Center.