April Meeting with Mary Holman

Our April meeting began on our NEW SCHEDULE of meeting the 2nd Wednesday of the month instead of the 3rd Wednesday. We successfully got the word out on that change but want to keep mentioning it. After all, a 30-year habit is hard to break!

President Susie Jackson asked vice president Paula Jones to give the thought for the day. Paula used references to the virtuous woman in the Bible (Proverbs 31:10-31) and compared her characteristics to those of quilters.

Our program was presented by Mary Holman, a quilter from Vicksburg. She calls herself “an ordinary quilter” but showed us some amazing quilts she has helped to create, convincing us that her abilities were far above ordinary.


Mary Holman with some of her quilts


April-MaryHolman-5Mary told us how much she enjoyed The Quilt Show (online at www.thequiltshow.com) with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. After being a member of TQS for three years, she attended the International Quilt Festival in Houston (2010) and attended a “Meet & Greet” and became friends with several quilters from various locations. Over dinner they decided to collaborate on a quilt for the Group Category of the next show. Thus began The Amazing Eight and plans to work together–separately. Their first project was creating a quilt from a lily photograph divided into eight slices. It was accepted and hung in Houston.

The lily quilt

The lily quilt, “Friendlily Blossoming”

They next made a quilt using one of Ricky Tims’ photographs of a Native American in traditional dress, “Koshare Indian Dancer,” which was also accepted in Houston. They were pleased with their first efforts but knew to win they had to try harder. One of the group suggested making a quilt based on the Mayan calendar and they began searching for a good photo but instead found a good photo and detailed line drawing of the Aztec calendar. They contacted the maker, Tomas Filsinger, who freely granted permission for the use of his drawing as their pattern. Next they had to decide how to break the design up into eight portions for the quilters to work on. Of course, slicing vertically or horizontally was not a good way to approach a circular design, so they were more creative, each leaving a 2” margin to aid in assembling the sections. The quilt is 84″ x 85″.


“Amazing Aztec-nicolor Dream Quilt”


Showing how the pattern was divided among the eight

Mary describes the outcome as “a Cinderella moment,” when the quilt won a blue ribbon and $2,000 in the Group Category in October 2014 in Houston. Next it won a blue ribbon in the Road to California show and is currently entered in the AQS Show in Paducah April 23-26.

The Amazing Eight in Houston Front row: Mary Holman (Vicksburg, MS), Karen Fitzpatrick (Cleveland, OH), Wanda Myers (Shiner, TX) Back row: Carol Moellers (Greene, IA), Cindy Neville (St. Louis, MO), Mary Kay Runyan (Germantown, TN), Dana Lynch (Olive Branch, MS) Represented by picture on stick is Bridget Lilja (Chicago, IL)

The Amazing Eight in Houston
Front row: Mary Holman (Vicksburg, MS), Karen Fitzpatrick (Cleveland, OH), Wanda Myers (Shiner, TX)
Back row: Carol Moellers (Greene, IA), Cindy Neville (St. Louis, MO), Mary Kay Runyan (Germantown, TN), Dana Lynch (Olive Branch, MS)
Represented by picture on stick is Bridget Lilja (Chicago, IL)

President’s Gift: It has been our practice to give a quilt to the outgoing president. Betty Allen and Paula Jones are coordinating the details for a quilt for Susie Jackson, who will go out the end of this year. Susie said since she quilts so much for others she has very little time to actually make blocks and she would prefer to receive blocks. Please make blocks divisible by 4 (example 4”, 8”, 12”, 16” plus seam allowance), and she prefers earth tones, not too much orange.

Charitable activities: Today we received 24 pillows, five preemie blankets, 13 walker totes, and six catheter bag covers. Three NICU isolette covers were given to Forrest General Hospital last week. We have supplies to make more and work days will be announced. Contact Martha Ginn if you want to help.

Children’s Quilts: There were 16 quilters at the April work day, and several kits are ready for others to take home and complete. A group has made a raffle quilt, quilted by Wanda Wallace, to raise funds for batting. Tickets are $1.00 and will be available from Mary Nell Magee or at the May meeting. The quilt will be raffled at the Blueberry Jubilee in June in Poplarville.


Children’s Quilt Raffle Quilt for Blueberry Jubilee


Our membership stands at 143. We had fat quarter drawing and door prizes. The next workshop (April 22) will be on the Buzzsaw Quilt by Kathy Houseal and Barb Peters. Sign up required.

Friendship Block: Dianne had patterns and fabric for this month’s Friendship Block, called Ice Cold. She still has some Shapely Challenge packets available.


Snippets: Missy Lee demonstrated Board Basting a quilt, a method developed by Sharon Shamber using two flat boards or slats longer than the width of the quilt. A herringbone stitch is used to secure the layers together, making the package very stable even if not quilted soon. Missy referred us to this website for good photos and demonstration of the method: http://www.right-sides-together.com/rst-guide-board-basting. Gloria Green said she has successfully basted two large quilts this way and recommends it.


Missy Lee demonstrating Board Basting a quilt