2017 Modern Classics Color Challenge


Dianne McLendon, our leader, did not allow her quilt to be part of the competition, but it was agreed that her quilt was a winning example of today’s “modern” quilts. Voting was by ballot, and the winners were:

1st–Jo-Ann Evans
2nd–Betty Reid
3rd–Lois Womack

The 2017 Challenge is designed to expand our skills and bring us into the “modern” quilt movement.
“Modern” quilts are characterized by solid colors with an emphasis on negative space.  The objective is to transform classic quilt patterns into your interpretation of a “modern” pattern.

“According The Modern Quilt Guild, an international organization, modern quilting is a reflection of one’s own style and personality. Even as some say it has its roots in rebellion (“break-the-rules” quilting), a set of principles that define and guide the movement, is beginning to shape the concept of the modern quilt. In general, modern quilts would share some of these characteristics, to name just a few:

  • Asymmetry in quilt design
  • Frequent use improvisational piecing
  • Bold colors, on-trend color combinations and graphic prints
  • Increased use of solid colors, including grey and white as neutrals
  • Simple, minimalist design using geometric shapes
  • Less emphasis on block repetition
  • Increased use of negative space
  • Designs exhibit influences of modern art and architecture
  • Reinterpreted traditional blocks
  • Unconventional block structures”

Reference: Marcus Fabrics 

COLOR: Members who want to participate will choose THREE crayons from a paper bag. The colors will be recorded on two index cards, keeping one and turning in the other for attaching to your finished piece in December. There is no fee and no fabric given. You will use your three crayons as your guide for selecting fabrics. You must use all three of your crayon colors in the quilt, but not necessarily in each block. You may add another color plus as many neutrals (white, beige, black, gray) as you wish. Stay very close to the value of the colors you drew from the bag; if you drew Blue, do not go from baby blue/sky blue to navy blue. Use the shade of Blue you drew.

SIZE: Your finished quilt must be at least 54” on any side, may be as large as you want, assembled, quilted and bound by the December meeting. You will be given 27 different block designs (3 each month), and you must use at least 20 of these 27. Each month from January through September, you will be given three block designs, which are not limited to the size given. For instance, a 9” square could be altered to a 9”x12” block, as long as the basic integrity of the original block is obvious. Your blocks do not have to be all the same size.

TECHNIQUE: You may transform the blocks by altering, stretching, skewing, painting, dyeing, embellishing, adding applique or in any other way changing the basic block while still being able to recognize the original block. A nine-patch block cannot be transformed to a disappearing nine patch because it would no longer be recognizable as a nine-patch. But it could be made into a rectangle, uneven sides, circular, etc., and still be recognizable as a nine-patch. You are encouraged to use your imagination and come up with your own interpretation of “Modern.”

Dianne will give handouts at the meetings illustrating the blocks.

January- Square in the Square 4”, 6”

                Shoo Fly 3”, 6”, and 9”

                Road to California 6”, 9”

 February- Oh Susanna 8”

                  Jacobs Ladder 9”

                  Old Maid’s Puzzle 8”

 March – Clay’s Choice 8” 

                Double Pinwheel 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” and 8”

                Dutchman’s Puzzle 6”

 April – Churn Dash 6” and 9”

             Bear’s Paw 7”

             Card Tricks 9”

 May – Puss in the Corner 9”

            Grandmother’s Fan 7”

            Birds in the Air 6” and 9”

 June – Sawtooth Star 6” and 8”

            Drunkard’s Path 3”, 4” and 7”

            Anvil 8”

 July – Ohio Star 9”

            Dresden Plate 9”

            Virginia Reel 7”

 August – Wheel of Fortune 8”

                Friendship Star 3”, 6”and 9”

                Snail’s Trail 6” and 9”

 September – Aunt Dinah 6” and 9”

                      54-40 or Fight 9”

                       Lemoyne Star 3”, 6” and 9”