2016 Travel Poster Challenge

Completed Travel Poster Challenge quilts

Completed Travel Poster Challenge quilts

Here are the exciting results of the 2016 Travel Poster Challenge. Thirteen quilts were turned in, and the winners were: 
1st Tina Dickens (fourth on top row)
2nd Betty Allen (third on top row)
3rd Linda Flanders (fourth on middle row)
3rd Jo-Ann Evans (third on middle row)

Below are the rules we used to make these quilts.

New Challenge: Dianne McLendon introduced our new challenge: “You’ve Got the Whole World In Your Hands,” which could also be called the “Travel Poster Quilt Challenge.” With our quilt show coming up, making a wall quilt rather than a bed-sized quilt seems best! Here are the rules:

Theme: Where would you like to go? Or where have you been that you loved? Depict this place (whether specific or generalized) in the center body of the quilt. Add a 4” border made of blocks which relate to this place. No words, numbers, phrases or text allowed. Size:  Inside body:  minimum 18” on any side, maximum 36” on any side PLUS a 4” pieced border. This pieced border should be blocks which help identify the place you are depicting. Fabrics: You will be given three pieces of fabric which must be incorporated; add any others you wish. Fee is $5.00. Money prizes will be awarded for viewers’ choice voting.
Deadline: The reveal will be at the December meeting.