September 2015 Meeting

President Susie Jackson welcomed us to our September meeting, and JoAnn Kenney gave the thought for the day and prayer. Condolences were offered to our members Mary Daw and Linda Smith, sisters of Otha Mae Edwards, who passed away after her battle with cancer.

Martha Ginn brought a recommendation from the board that the bylaws be amended by the deletion of the sentence requiring officers being elected to be a member in good standing for three years. The motion passed unanimously.

Betty Allen presented from the nominating committee the following slate of officers for 2016-2017.

President Connie Hitt
Vice President Susie Jackson
Secretary/Newsletter Rene Dembowski
Membership Chair Ellen Hall
Treasurer Missy Lee

We will vote on these nominees at the October meeting. Thanks to the nominating committee for their dedication to this often difficult task: Betty Allen, Linda Flanders, Debbie Davis and Barb Peters.

Upcoming Event: The de Grummond Children’s Book Collection has recently acquired some of Tasha Tudor’s clothing and will host a Symposium on her life and work at Oddfellows Gallery on October 8-9. Tasha Tudor (1915-2008), a children’s illustrator, artist, gardener, and homemaker “had a love of things past and times rural” and raised her family in Vermont as one would have done in the 1830s. PBQ has been asked to present part of the program for this symposium by showing how fabric and clothing have evolved from the 1830s until the present time.

The Happy Quilters (a group from Petal) displayed a raffle quilt which they had prepared to benefit Blair Batson Hospital for Children. The quilt is in honor of Pat Routon’s granddaughter, Brantley Jack, who has had multiple surgeries at this hospital.

Batson Hosp Raffle Q

One of our former very talented members, Frances Graham, recently passed away. Some of her friends are conducting an estate sale of her fabric, blocks (both appliqued and pieced), books, kits (started tops with matching fabric and binding), and finished tops. The sale will take place October 2-3 at 2608 Clayton Place, Hattiesburg. Hours on Friday, October 2 are 1:00-5:00 p.m. and Saturday October 3 8:00-12:00 noon.

Friendship Blocks were won by Kathy Houseal, Anne Hindmarch, Barb Peters, and Frances Good.

Shapely Challenge Step 4: Dianne McLendon introduced Step 4 of our Shapely Challenge. This step will consist of making four 12” blocks with these three shapes: Squares, Half-Square Triangles(HSTs), and Tri-Recs (TRs). Examples of this TR shape will be on the Challenge tab under Guild Activities. The TR is also what Doreen Speckman called “Peaky and Spike,” and several companies have produced acrylic rulers to aid in cutting these shapes. It will help to draw these on graph paper to better understand how the blocks are constructed. A square that contains a triangle with two side triangles is a Tri-Rec. For instance, to create a triangle within a square as a portion of your quilt block, find the mid-point of the top of the square and draw lines down to both outer corners. The resulting center triangle is the “Tri” part, and the two outer triangles are the “Rec” part. Note that these Recs are mirror image and have to be cut with one reversed. Seam allowances must be added.

A good tutorial can be found here:

Drawing was held for the Blueberry Quilt, with proceeds going to our Children’s Quilts projects. Pat Routon was the lucky winner of this beautiful quilt. We appreciate all those who supported this effort by purchasing tickets.

Blueberry quilt winner PatRouton

Pat Routon won the Blueberry Quilt

Donna Burges told the group about Cheri Leffler’s books and patterns. Donna will teach needleturn applique at our workshop the last Wednesday of September. Cheri’s book Animal Parade can be found at for $26.99.

Membership/Charitable Activities: Currently we have 153 members. Today we received 12 walker totes, six catheter bag covers, 53 pillows, six preemie blankets, and 40 mother/baby scent pads. Children’s Quilts have kits prepared which need to be quilted and bound. Members were encouraged to take and finish these for our quilt sharing in December.

Quilt Kits MAScruggs

Mary Ann Scruggs takes a quilt kit to complete

Snippets: Dianne McLendon recommended a NEW toilet brush to get thread and snips off your flannel design board. Lint rollers have to have replacement strips added often.


Dianne McLendon demonstrates an alternative lint roller

Reminder of the Jackson quilt show this weekend; also the show by Magnolia Quilters of Orange Grove  October 23-24.