Quilt Show Week–Day 1

It’s Monday of Quilt Show Week. The quilts are checked in and given their Catalog numbers, then grouped by category to prepare for judging.

Quilts in staging area ready for judging

Quilts in staging area ready for judging

Judging is done with the pieces layered on tables by category. The quilts are held up so the judge can see the overall impact, then examined up close as the judge moves around the table and assigns marks for various aspects of the quilt. Scribes record the judge’s evaluation and comments, and these judging sheets are given to the maker at the end of the show for education and improvement of skills.

Ribbons are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention in all 22 categories. Special awards for Best of Show, Judge’s Choice, Hand Quilting, Machine Quilting, Traditional Artistry and Innovative Contemporary Artistry are given after all category awards are decided. Attendees at the show will vote on their favorite for Viewers’ Choice.


judging-1  judging-2


Ribbons ready to be awarded