November 30th Anniversary Celebration

30th Anniversary Celebration

30th Anniversary Celebration

Our November meeting was a Celebration of Pine Belt Quilters’ 30th Anniversary. Our first president, Doris Aultman, told of how she and three beginning quilters–Martha Ginn, Susan Ryan Kelley, and Gail Rowland–wanted to connect with others to share this passion. After several small meetings to locate quilters, an organizational meeting of 25 was held in October of 1984. We named our group Pine Belt Quilters, and these four volunteered to be the first officers.

Doris Aultman (president Susie Jackson in background)

Doris Aultman
  (Susie Jackson, President, in background)


Doris cutting the cake


Visitors first

Eleven former presidents

Eleven former presidents
Front: Martha Ginn, Doris Aultman, Sarah Farris, Ellen Hall, Ella Lucas
Back: Rosalie Schoell, Elvia Edwards, Gloria Green, Barbara Peters, Shirley Wiltshire, Betty Allen
Not pictured: Susan Ryan Kelley, Judy Spiers, Cheryl Owens, Mary Nell Magee


Doris Aultman and Martha Ginn

One of the first things we wanted to do was to hold a “real” quilt show, with a judge and ribbons, with very little idea of how this was to be done. But that first show, in August of 1985 in the Trinity Episcopal Church parish hall, displayed on wooden stands constructed by several husbands, was a beautiful showing of our work, and enough to give us the desire to continue. From these humble beginnings we have grown to a membership of 160 and have held 15 biennial shows, the last five at Hattiesburg’s Lake Terrace Convention Center.

We met in homes until Barbara Johnson, Forrest County Extension Home Economist, found a place for us to meet. After we outgrew this space, we have met at University Baptist Church, in the Kelley Fellowship Hall for our general meetings and in Choral Hall for the three smaller workshop meetings each month.

Our meeting today featured a trunk show from the Brandon Quilters and Rankin County Quilters (some quilters are members of both groups). The visitors brought their own quilts as well as some by others who were not able to attend. We saw some winners from our own show, as well as many other quilts we would have been happy to have in our show! Watch for the November newsletter with lots of pictures.


Lucy Large, Cindy Pannier, Delene Browning, Martha Ludke, Polly Duggan, Ann tullos, Missy Lee (standing)

Our New York Beauty workshop taught by Debbie Davis and Anne Esteve resulted in these pieces:


Rene Dembowski, Barb Peters, Ellen Hall, Missy Lee, Frances Good, Dianne McLendon (Susie Jackson and Anne Esteve on podium)

Our bylaws provide for a board of directors of five to seven members. Once we reach this number, one board member will rotate off with the addition of each new board member. To reach this point, we will elect one board member from the membership at the end of each even-numbered year and adding the outgoing president to the board on each odd-numbered year. At this meeting today, names were submitted and Dianne McLendon was elected to the board, joining Betty Allen, Martha Ginn, Doris Aultman, Gloria Green, Ellen Hall, and Ella Lucas.

Charitable activities: Our members brought in two blankets and 74 pillows, 21 walker totes and six catheter bag covers for donation to hospitals.

Snippets: Missy Lee showed a good way to display small quilts on the wall instead of having to use nails. She showed the Command Picture hangers. These have velcro strips to adhere the backing piece from the wall to the quilt, and the backing can be removed from the wall without leaving any damage.