Members and Dues

A member is anyone who has paid annual dues of $20 per calendar year. Renewing members should pay their annual dues during October-December. Visitors are welcome at any meeting, but after two visits a person who wishes to continue attending should join the guild.

Dues are not prorated for those who join or renew during the year, with this exception: A person who joins after October 1 will have membership through the following calendar year. 

Contact the membership director at

Member Responsibilities

For Pine Belt Quilters to be a successful organization, each of its members has certain responsibilities:

·       Contact Group: Participate in the assigned group at one guild meeting during the year.

·       Mark Attendance: Check yourself in at the Attendance table at guild meetings. A perfect attendance drawing is held once a year based on Attendance Records.

·       Guild Quilt Fundraiser: Sell at least 20 tickets each year to support the guild’s fundraiser activities.

·       Boutique: Sew at least one item to be sold at the Boutique during the quilt show or showcase.

·       Community Sewing: Contribute to the guild’s community outreach activities by sewing a quilt each year and/or other items (pillows, walker totes, NICU isolette covers, etc.).

·       Guild Activities and Leadership: Consider how you can support the guild and its members by taking on a leadership role. Examples include exhibit organization, committee leadership, contact group leadership, election as officer, etc.