May–Cindy Pannier with Scrap Quilts

President Connie Hitt welcomed a full room of quilters, with a couple of visitors and a new member. Margie Hancock and Martha Ginn read “Sometimes Quilts Need to Talk, Too,” which pointed out that a quilt’s bringing comfort rather than being in a show or winning a ribbon was a good outcome for a quilt.

Cindy Pannier's Japanese Lanterns

Cindy Pannier’s Japanese Lanterns

Our speaker was Cindy Pannier, from Brandon, who shared her love of scraps and scrap quilts. She told us how she looks on scraps as resources, just as much as yardage. She recommended when there was very little of a piece of fabric left cutting it into specific sizes of scraps to save for future projects, adding that these cut bits take up less room than large pieces. Her favorite book with valuable instruction on how best to cut and use scraps is Cut the Scraps! by Joan Ford. Joan utilizes Layer Cakes and fat quarters and cuts fabric into 5”, 3-1/2” and 2” strips. Cindy said if we analyze our fabrics, we will find that they are 10% darks, 10% lights, and 80% mediums, so when shopping try to add more darks and lights.

Scrap quilts can benefit from a unifying fabric for background or border. After making this Japanese Lanterns quilt, Cindy bordered it with orphan blocks left from many classes and projects.

CindyPannier5 The quilt on the right is made from 5-1/2” squares with diagonal strips. Swapping strips with friends can add much more interest and variety to our scrap quilts.

Cindy will teach a scrap quilt workshop May 25 in Choral Hall; participants need to preregister and bring 100 5” squares divided into 10 plastic bags to exchange with others. Each bag needs to contain 10 different fabrics.


Connie read thank-you notes from a recipient of one of our Children’s Quilts at Merit Health-Wesley and from DAFS, as well as two members. We were happy to hear cancer-free reports from Anne Esteve and Kaye Christensen.

Travel Poster Challenge: Dianne McLendon passed out the fabrics we are to incorporate in our Challenge piece. These are due at the December meeting. See Guild Activities/Travel Poster Challenge for all instructions.

Snippets: Ellen Cox gave us a suggestion to cut down on mismatched orphan blocks. She recommended that we prepare a “workshop toolbox” containing some basic sewing supplies as well as these fabrics: a focus fabric, print, stripe, plaid, light and dark. If you use these same fabrics for each class, you are more likely to have a set of blocks that will coordinate and can be used for a project later. Sounds like a great idea!

Charitable Activities: Today we received 83 pillows (thanks, Josette, for making 60); 20 preemie blankets, 10 mother scent pads; 22 walker totes, and 20 catheter bag covers.

Raffle Quilt/Blueberry Jubilee: Kay Christensen reported she has distributed 4,000 tickets and received back 912 sold. We usually sell lots of tickets at the Blueberry Jubilee in Poplarville and need people to sign up to help, particularly in the afternoon. The date is Saturday, June 11, and there will be a shade tent and access to Shirley’s air conditioning and restroom. This is a popular festival with arts and crafts, entertainment, and fresh blueberries. Sign up at the June meeting or call Mary Nell Magee.

Notice our raffle quilt in the background of the two pictures above. Do your friends a favor by inviting them to buy tickets!

The June program and workshop will be on paper piecing by Gloria Green. It is also the time for our Treasure Hunt. This is when you may bring anything you want to sell. Price your items and have your name on an envelope or stand nearby. Place your items on the tables around the walls; the sale will take place after the program.

July is our Parade of Children’s Quilts and give away. We hope to have lots of new quilts to show and add to the ones ready to give.