July Patriotic Meeting and Parade of Children’s Quilts

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We had our own U.S. Independence Day celebration at our July 8 meeting, with patriotic table decorations, music and song. Guest Janice Shivers Loftin from Columbia provided a beautiful piano prelude; our member Connie Hitt sang “God Bless America,”  followed by our saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Connie Hitt gave the thought for the day, reminding us of the promises “ask and it shall be given you, seek, and you shall find, knock, and it shall be opened to you,” with the admonition that our requests not outweigh our praise and thanksgiving. Gloria Green led us in a prayer of thankfulness for our great country and the freedoms we enjoy.

Barb Peters made the patriotic quilt shown on the stage. The blue/white quilt on the left is a fund-raiser for our Children’s Quilts projects. This helps with suppies we need for our quilts. The quilt is on display at The Stitchin’ Post in Hattiesburg, where tickets are available. Drawing will be at PBQ’s September 9 regular meeting.

Connie Hitt with Janice Shivers Loftin at the piano

Susie Jackson, Connie Hitt with Janice Shivers Loftin at the piano

Snippets: Ellen Cox shared some great advice she had learned from Angela Walters, a successful internationally known quilter:

Don’t compare your worst work with someone else’s best. It’s discouraging to compare with a famous person’s work!
Don’t point out your mistakes. If someone praises, just say thank you.
Remember the purpose of the work (for example, a quilt to comfort a child or loved one will be seen as wonderful by the recipient).
A Finished Quilt is better than a Perfect one.

Shapely Challenge: After a two-month interval, Dianne McLendon presented us with Step 3 in our Shapely Challenge. For this step, we will again create four 12″ blocks, using a combination of Squares, Half-Square Triangles, and Rectangles. In other words, all three shapes must appear in your blocks. For examples, see the Guild Activities tab, Shapely Challenge 2015-16.

We only had seven contestants in the Children’s Quilt Parade, but obviously many had been making quilts, because we gave away 123 quilts today. The winners’ quilts are pictured below. They received 3″ ribbons made by Linda Flanders, Susie Jackson, and Martha Ginn.

1st--Dianne McLendon; 2nd--Ellen Cox; 3rd--Betty Allen

1st–Dianne McLendon; 2nd–Ellen Cox; 3rd–Betty Allen


Winners’ ribbons made by Linda Flanders, Susie Jackson, Martha Ginn

Carlton Thornhill, from Foxworth, shared his experiences with us about being moved by the tornado devastation December 23, 2014, in the Highway 13 South area of Columbia. This residential area was already an area of need, and many lost everything they had. He organized meals and delivery immediately after the tragedy, and Christmas presents and household goods as the people were able to move back into structures. He has ongoing activities to meet needs and we plan to follow up with help later to these families.

Carlton Thornhill describing needs of tornado victims

Carlton Thornhill describing needs of tornado victims

It is always rewarding to present our quilts and to hear how they are used to comfort those who receive them. Today our guests were Terry Aaron, Hattiesburg Fire Department; Annie Jackson, South Mississippi Children’s Home; Riley Herrin, Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention; Leigh Ann Leonard, Forrest General Hospital; Joan Harper, Merit Health at Wesley; and Jeff McKenzie, Columbia Fire Department.


Some of our guests receiving quilts

Terry Aaron, Hattiesburg Fire Department

Terry Aaron, Hattiesburg Fire Department

Annie Jackson, South Mississippi Children's Home

Annie Jackson, South Mississippi Children’s Home

Riley Herrin, Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention

Riley Herrin, Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention


Leigh Ann Leonard, Forrest General Hospital

Jeff McKenzie, Columbia Fire  Department

Jeff McKenzie, Columbia Fire Department, with Susie Jackson

These guests told touching stories of frightened children being wrapped in a quilt, an assaulted college student clutching a quilt during a counseling session, and many other examples of the way our efforts can bring hope and joy to others.