January 2015

Barb Peters entertained us with some thoughts about being “in” and whether we wanted to be there or not. She admitted she has been in cahoots, but this always requires to be with someone. She’s been incognito without being noticed, at times has thought of going insane. To be in conclusion usually requires jumping. Some less desirable attributes might cause one to be in doubt or incapable, and it might be unpleasant or worrisome to be in suspense. If one is incontinent, it’s important to at least know what country one is in. She said in the way of resolutions for the new year, her goal is to be more pleasant and greet everyone with a smile on her face. [Editorial comment: Of all our members, Barb probably has the most pleasant countenance of anyone!]

Dianne McLendon led us through a Name That Block activity with the date of publication of many, using a sampler quilt made by Ellen Cox. We recognized Grandmother’s Fan, Maple Star, Ohio Star, Old Maid’s Puzzle, Umbrella Lady, Honey Bee, Dresden Heart, Mexican Star, and many more. Of course, several had multiple names.

Dianne McLendon with  Sampler Quilt by Ellen Cox

Dianne McLendon with Sampler Quilt by Ellen Cox

Shirley Wiltshire and Mary Nell Magee gave us information about the upcoming MQA Gathering that Pine Belt Quilters will host February 20-21 at Lake Terrace Convention Center. We need to furnish table decorations and some quilts to display to give the room a welcoming look. This will be Shirley’s last meeting as president, and we will elect Marietta Johnson as our next president. The MQA Educational Seminar will feature Pat Sloan in three locations this summer (July 27-28 in Hattiesburg).

Susie Jackson read a list of 14 members who had perfect attendance during 2014, and Donna Burges’ name was drawn for a prize.

Linda Flanders showed examples of string baskets that she will teach at the January 28 workshop, and supply lists were available. Donna Burges showed the Appliqued Christmas Tree she will teach at the February 25 workshop.

String Baskets for January 28 Workshop

String Baskets for January 28 Workshop

Applique Christmas Tree Workshop by Donna Burges February 25

Applique Christmas Tree Workshop by Donna Burges February 25

Wounded Minutemen of Mississippi Raffle Quilt:Mary Nell Magee showed the quilt she has completed for donation to the Wounded Minutemen of Mississippi. She will have tickets at the February meeting.

Mississippi Minutemen Raffle Quilt by Mary Nell Magee

Wounded Minutemen Raffle Quilt by Mary Nell Magee

Charitable activities: We took in 44 pillows, 6 preemie blankets, 12 walker totes and 6 catheter bag covers. Last year’s gifts included 250 quilts, 772 pillows, and 50 blankets. We are starting with no inventory of quilts, so everyone was encouraged to be working on these. Donna Crager has agreed to head up the Boutique this year.

Snippets: Ellen Cox showed us how she uses her salad spinner to wash or rinse and spin precut bits of fabric to eliminate fraying in the washer or dryer. After spinning, the pieces can be laid out smoothly to dry quickly.

A Membership Directory will be given at the February meeting; everyone was encouraged to get their dues paid in order to be in the directory.

The Round Robin Challenge quilts will be shown at the February meeting. The fabrics and measurements for the rounds can be seen under Guild Activities/Round Robin Challenge.