Christmas Stockings

This Easy Stocking method works for any Christmas Stocking pattern.

You will need:

5/8 yard each of novelty fabric, lining, and batting

Bias tape or ribbon for the hanger. Bias tape should be stitched together.

Fabric for cuff (such as fur, fleece, satin, cotton)

You will cut out the stocking pattern (front and back) in the novelty fabric ONLY. Do not cut lining or batting yet.

Layer in this order, starting on bottom:
Lining for front and back with right sides together
The cut stocking pattern (front and back) with right sides together

Pin in place. Sew around stocking, leaving the top unstitched. Cut out stocking. Clip curves. Turn right side out.

To make a cuff, measure and add 1/2 inch. Sew.

Place hanger, loop side down, on seam. Add cuff with right side of cuff facing the lining. Sew around. Turn cuff to right side.