Arm Chair Pincushion–March 2016 Project

Pin Cushion picture-boutique½ yard fabric or 2 fat quarters

Hot Glue
Cut 2 –9 ½”x18” from fabric for backing piece
Cut 1 –9 ½”x 18” from batting
Cut 2—9 ½” x 11” from fabric for pockets
Cut 2—9 ½” x 5 ½”  from batting
Cut 1—5 ½”x 7 ½” from fabric for pincushion
Cut 1—1 ½” x 6” from fabric  for spool strap
Cut 2”x 60” (approximate) on the bias for binding
Layer fabric and batting and quilt each section. Use a rounded object to trace a cutting line to create rounded corners. Pin the pockets to the backing piece and top stitch vertical lines to create sections in the pockets.
Make spool strap by folding each side to the center and fold again and top stitch. Finish one end by zigzagging.
Sew pincushion together along the long side, leaving an opening to fill. Center the seam and stitch the two ends.  Turn and push out the corners. Stitch a small piece of Velcro to the strap and pincushion. Fill the pincushion with Polyfil and close the seam.
Mark the center of the back piece and place the spool strap on the mark, stitch in place. Make the binding and press.  Stitch the binding to the back of the base. Fold the binding over to the front and top; stitch. Attach the pincushion with hot glue.

Ironing Tote/Pressing Pad Supply List – February 4, 2016

iron tote




August 2015 Boutique met at Donna Crager’s home in State Line, MS, for a workday (with lunch) to work on screen mesh tote bags. Donna had several colors of mesh and led the group in making several sizes of tote bags. The participants made one bag for the boutique and one for themselves.

Mesh bag boutique prj

Rene Dembowski and Joyce Bohan with the bags they made

Boutique plans for 2015:

March: Embroidery hoop storage pockets

April: Pin cushions

May: Patriotic table runners

June: An online project

July: Tooly tool holder easel


Ficklesticks  August 14, 2014 Workshop  Boutique-Ficklesticks

Shirley Wiltshire will lead, 9:30-noon.  Make creative stick people, necklaces, earrings or brooches using a 1″ to 1 1/4″ strips of fabric.
You will need: 1″-1 1/4″ strips of fabric in various colors in 6″ to 18″ or more in length. ( I have a supply of these if you do not have any)
Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies
If you have needle-nose pliers and wire cutters, bring these, but I will have some available.
I will have all other supplies needed to make Ficklesticks.
Please let me know who is coming by sending email at or call or text 601-795-7033.

Ten-Minute Table Runner  July 10, 2014 Workshop
Paula Jones is leading the workshop; she says, “If you prefer a wider border, you can cut the fabric 24″ rather than 18″. I prefer the wider one.”

Tissue Holder  July 10, 2014 Workshop

Name Badge Holder and Note Pad Holder  June 12, 2014 Workshop Projects

Non-slip Machine Mat  May 8, 2014 Workshop Project