July Children’s Quilts Gifts

Tables full of Children’s Quilts

Another successful children’s quilt give-away! At our July meeting we had representatives from seven agencies select quilts and describe their activities and how our quilts are used to comfort children. Mary Nell said we gave 202 quilts today. CQ group meets the first Tuesdays of every month. If you cannot attend, you may work on your own or finish tops that we have in our closet.

WDAM reporter Jac Bedrossian was there and took lots of video for a Good News segment that aired on the 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 newscasts that evening, as well as WLOX. She sent this message: Thank you for inviting us! Here’s a link to the story:  http://buff.ly/2tfvlBp.

 In our parade of Children’s Quilts, the winners were: Betty Allen, Kathy Houseal, and  Jamie Martin (grandson of Jo Ellen Carr). Winners were awarded sewing supplies, and Jamie was particularly pleased to have his very own magnetic pin cushion and other items!

Winning quilts by Betty Allen, Kathy Houseal, Jamie Martin

Barbara Cline, MQA’s Educational Seminar teacher for 2017, taught one day in Hattiesburg; the class was small but very enthusiastic over their Cookie Cutter quilt projects. We’ll look forward to seeing these finished pieces later.

August meeting will feature Christmas quilts in the program led by Frances Good. Rather than the announced tree wall hanging workshop listed in our directory, the August 23 workshop will be working on Boutique projects with Shirley Wiltshire and Frances Good. Make plans to come and create some neat items.


Miniature Collection Quilt

by Joe L Bingham

Machine Quilting-Longarm Free Motion

Graffiti Doodle Diamonds

by Teresa Pino, top by Pat Lang

Judge’s Choice

Scarlet’s Daughter

by Polly Thomasson

Best of Show-Small

Mississippi Ag Museum in Bloom

by J Marcus Weekley, Martha Ginn, Cathy Reininger, Julia Graber, Rita Warnock

Best of Show-Large

Baskets and Blooms by Rita Warnock

June speaker and workshops–Carolyn Kimble

Carolyn Kimble from Moss Point presented our June program on her beautiful applique quilts. Well, she also does other types, but applique is definitely her favorite technique. She stitches memories of special times and events into her work. Carolyn taught an applique class on the two following days after the meeting, using a pattern she had designed. Her “My Barn Quilt” won a blue ribbon and Viewers’ Choice as well as a judges’ special award in our 2016 show. The Baltimore Album quilt pictured below was a Best of Show winner in our 2014 show. 

Beth Ferrier’s “My Small World” pattern

“My Barn Quilt” from the 2003 Piecemakers Calendar patterns

Following Carolyn’s presentation, we had a live auction for some items that had been donated to the guild. Our Treasure Hunt tables were filled with interesting treasures that went from one quilter’s closet to another’s.

Mary Nell Magee encouraged everyone to bring a children’s quilt for the Parade of Quilts at the July meeting. We will have representatives from children’s service agencies at the meeting to receive these quilts, followed by a catered barbecue luncheon. If you did not make your lunch reservation at the June meeting, please contact Connie Hitt and select either chicken or pulled pork. Connie needs an accurate count to order the food. 

PBQ will host one of the days (Tuesday, July 18) of the MQA Educational Seminar with Barbara Cline called Cookie Cutter Workshop. Learn to make a block which is featured in Barbara’s book, “Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars.” This triangle block is easy to sew, but can transform countless intricate designs when you experiment with color and value. Be sure to sign up.  MQA Educational Seminar 2017

Also, the Old Man River Quilt Fest will be held in Vicksburg August 22-26. This is a quilt show and classes with well-known teachers. Be sure to support this show by entering your quilts. Kay Elliott plans to hold their shows on odd-numbered years while PBQ holds shows on even numbered years. This will give Mississippi a large show every year. 

April and May Meetings

Martha Ginn, Ellen Hall, Dianne McLendon

APRIL: Our April meeting was a forum of four experienced quilters fielding questions which had been submitted at the previous meeting. Tina Dickens moderated and posed the questions to Martha Ginn, Ellen Cox, Ella Lucas, and Jo-Ann Evans. Questions such as “Do you prewash your fabric?” “Where do you get your inspiration?” “What size should children’s quilts be?” “Which kind of fusible do you use?” were asked. The prewash question had the most variety of opinions, from “always” to “never” to “depends on how it is to be used.” All in all, much information was tossed about, with additional input from the audience.

Susie Jackson and Dianne McLendon led the workshop on Donuts & Coffee, demonstrating a clever little block made from lots of scraps. The block appears to be round with a hole in it, but all the seams are straight. It was a fun day making these pesky little blocks–accuracy was essential to make the pattern fit. Good practice even for experienced stitchers.

MAY: Our May meeting brought a long-awaited special treat. Kathy McNeil from Tulalip, WA, was our guest speaker with “Tips, Tricks and Stories” from her award-winning quilts. She had won two major awards at the AQS show in Paducah the previous month and was able to display these quilts along with many others. We had seen pictures of many of her works in magazines, but seeing them in person was an exciting pleasure. We had a large crowd in the room, and you could have heard a pin drop as Kathy spoke and showed slides of her quilt journey and described some of the techniques she uses on her masterpieces. Most of her quilts are based on her photographs, and she explained how to determine what is a good picture and how to crop and adapt to get the best design for your quilts. 

The Best of the Northwest

Celtic Fox

The following day after the meeting, 22 eager quilters met for an all-day workshop with Kathy. We had pre-ordered her patterns in order to bring our supplies and fabrics needed to create our quilts. We had six patterns from which to choose, and the Blue Heron was the most popular, with several seascapes, winter scenes, lighthouses and waterfalls also being made. Kathy described fusible applique as well as hand-stitched applique using Rosa Rojas’ Apliquick tools. For an intricate scene, Kathy works in units rather than trying to stitch each small piece onto the large background.  She also uses a plastic laminate sheet overlay to help with placement of the units onto the background.

Kathy’s husband Bruce was with her and took care of the pattern/tools table so she could spend all her time with students. As you can see, there was a lot of interest. We hope to see lots of Kathy’s patterns made into quilts soon. Visit her website for more information, pictures, and patterns: www.kathymcneilquilts.com.        

Our guild is fortunate to be able to bring in guest speakers and workshop teachers of this calibre. Thanks to our program chairs Susie Jackson and Dianne McLendon! And we have more to look forward to. In June Carolyn Kimble, Viewers’ Choice winner in our 2016 show, will be our guest. Get ready for more beautiful applique.

Kathy and Bruce McNeil


March Meeting and Fractured Workshop

We met March 8 and after president Connie Hitt welcomed a room full of members and a few guests, Lois Mills read the humorous rules for GRITS–Girls Raised In The South. 

Betty Allen’s Star for workshop

Our program was by Betty Allen on How to Make a Ho-Hum Quilt Fabulous. Betty showed many examples of children’s quilts which she had made from some drab green fabric she was given. She used large squares or strips for the tops but cheered up these quilts by the addition of some appliqued frogs or other critters. Sometimes huge flowers were appliqued on over the background. Jo-Ann Evans also showed some examples of how to make simple quilts using cute children’s fabric.  

There were enough Friendship blocks to turned in for two drawings. The lucky recipients were Betty Moore and Lois Womack. Missy Lee showed a finished quilt she made from the Friendship Flower Pop blocks she had received several months ago.

Charitable Projects: Today we received 26 quilts plus 6 tops, 51 pillows, 21 blankets, 54 mother pads, 36 walker totes and 19 catheter bag covers. Betty Herring reported that FGH Hospice had called asking for more walker totes, and that she had made some and delivered there. We have given all finished children’s quilts to tornado victims we have heard about, so we have no quilts on hand for our July give away. Members are encouraged to be working on these.

Jo-Ann Evans’ easy CQ

Jo-Ann Evans’ jelly roll quilt with cat silhouettes



Snippets: Ellen Cox said she read in Kiplinger Magazine that staying busy and keeping mentally stimulated was recommended for healthy living and that quilting was one of 70 ways listed! Kiplinger is a well-known financial advice magazine.

Ellen also told about a neat trick she learned in Marilyn Rose’s February Fractured Quilt Workshop. Marilyn asked each person to bring a long piece of fabric as a way to transport strips from the cutting table to the machine. The strips were laid out on this long piece and the piece was then rolled up, leaving the strips hanging out the top and bottom of the roll. This roll could then be carried easily, or even tossed on the floor without the strips becoming dislodged. See this in the four pictures below from the workshop. Marilyn demonstrated this with Martha’s roll and everyone got a huge laugh out of the horror on Martha’s face. (Glad to be entertaining.)

Betty will lead a workshop on her Ho-Hum to Fabulous topic on March 22 at 9:00 in Choral Hall, teaching the star pattern shown in her quilts above. These will make great children’s quilts and it is hoped that several will be donated from this workshop. 

Martha Ginn cutting strips, laying them on the long piece of fabric

Marilyn rolling up Martha’s strips

Anne Esteve with her strip roll

Linda Flanders sewing her strips in order

February Meeting with Marilyn Rose; Quilt Show Theme Announced

Marilyn Rose from Ridgeland was our speaker for the February meeting as well as for the workshop. Marilyn has researched the beginnings of “fractured” quilts and added her own innovations, which she shared freely. She began by using repeats of fabric and then saw the ease and beauty of working with identical panels. This tip she gave at the workshop was a huge help for keeping strips in order while sewing, and I can see using it on many projects. She had us bring an extra piece of fabric (about the length of a towel) to lay out our strips on. After placing all the strips that were to be sewn in order, we rolled the strip up from the right to the left, making a roll with fabric hanging out the top and bottom. As we join piece 1 to piece 2, all the rest are safely tucked away under the edge of the roll. Unroll to get piece 3 and continue. The beauty of this is that pieces can stay in order from the cutting table to the sewing machine, or even if taking the project home from a workshop. 

We voted on a theme for our 2018 quilt show:  CELEBRATE MISSISSIPPI. With 2017 being our state’s 200th anniversary year, we should have many ideas to depict as we celebrate our state.

The Hattiesburg Arts Council SEW WHAT? exhibit was enjoyed by many, and it has been rewarding to hear comments. The exhibit will end Wednesday, March 1, and participants can receive their quilts at the March 8 meeting. Thanks to all who made this a successful event.  Here are a few more pictures from the exhibit.

Linda Basden

Vivian Plummer

Suzannah Patterson’s garment; Marietta Johnson’s quilt in background

Jo-Ann Evans

Vivian Plummer

Missy Lee

Joe Bingham

Betty Bingham