2019 Color Wheel Challenge

This year we are going to explore color using the color wheel.  This challenge is not a design challenge.  It is to show how color can change or deceive the mind into seeing a different design.  The challenge is also to help improve color choices and learn to use the color wheel as it was designed to be used.

I have chosen a pattern that must be used for all blocks.  Each month I will give a 10″ square of a different color of Kona cotton and assign a different color scheme on the color wheel to be used. 

Each month we will make an additional block by the selected color scheme for that month.  Example: First month;  I assign complementary and the color green.  You will then make one block using  the green fabric and then you will choose another color on the color wheel to make another block using the complementary scheme.

When the challenge is complete we will have 12 blocks for a small throw or child’s quilt.  Additional blocks  can be made by each color scheme, if you so desire. 

A small fee of $3.00 will be charged to cover the cost of the fabric.

  1. The provided pattern must be used on all 12 blocks.
  2. The pattern can not be changed from its original design.
      Example:  If a piece is a square it must remain a square and the same for half square triangles.
  1. Some of the fabric given out for a color scheme must be used. Example: At least one  half square triangle must have the fabric that was given out for that month.
  1. No additional colors can used in the block except what the color scheme calls for.   Example: Complementary is a two color scheme, a third  color can not be added.  However, neutrals  can be added.  NEUTRALS ARE WHITE, BLACK AND GRAY.
  1. You can not repeat the color layout on all blocks. Example: Color scheme is complementary, you choose a color layout for the block.  You choose a second color, using the complementary color scheme, but a different color layout for that block so they do not look the same.
  1. You do not have to use only solids. Tone on tone or prints can be used as long as they do not add color that is not in that color scheme. Example: Complementary color scheme using green and its complement, red.  You have     fabric  that is green, red and yellow.  You can not use that fabric because it adds another color.
  1. Tints and shades of the colors that apply to a particular color scheme may be used, as long as the original fabric that is assigned to that color scheme is used also. Example, Color is green, you could use a tint as light as a mint green or a shade as dark as dark forest green.


  1. You must make all 12 blocks. You can make additional blocks, if you want to. 
  2. Your quilt must be quilted, bound and labeled to participate in the Parade of Color at the December meeting. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place.

Examples of Triadic and Tetradic blocks


I believe this challenge will be beneficial to all who will participate.  Have fun while exploring the color wheel!  If you have questions:  please contact me by phone, text or email. Dianne McLendon,  601-954-1166,  d.quilts@hotmail.com