2018 UFO Challenge


The purpose of this challenge is to use what we have, finish what we start and not buy needlessly. HAPPY QUILTING.

List 6 UFOs on the UFO Challenge sheet (see instructions under RULES. Assign each a number and save a copy for yourself. Turn in the Challenge sheet along with $1.00 per UFO ($6.00 max) to Lois Womack, who will be keeping up with your progress.  For every completed UFO you will receive a fat quarter.  Everyone who completes their list of 6 will be eligible for a drawing to win $100.00. If no one completes all 6 UFOs, then the prize will be awarded to the one who completed the most (in case of a tie, a drawing will be held for the $100, with the runner-up receiving 20 fat quarters).

 How it works:

List the quilt as #1 that is the most near completion; it will be due in March.  In February a number between 2 and 6 will be drawn: the quilt corresponding to that number will be due in April.  (This is necessary in order to finish by December). In April we will draw a number and the quilt corresponding to the number will be due in June.  In June we will draw and the quilt corresponding to that number will be due in August.  In August we will draw and the quilt corresponding to that number will be due in October.  In October we will draw and the quilt corresponding to that number will be due in December.  When you complete your UFO for that month, you will sign in with LOIS WOMACK and show the quilt at Show and Tell.  All completed UFO’s will entitle the maker’s name to go in for the end-of-year drawing for the $100 prize.  In addition, if turned in on time you will receive a fat quarter. However, if you are late, you can bring it to a later meeting for your name to be in the drawing but will not receive a fat quarter.  You must make the UFO number matching the drawn number.


You must list 6 UFO’s by name and give a description of each, as to the degree of completion at the start date of the challenge.  01/01/2018

  1. A UFO must be completely finished, quilted, bound and labeled.
  2. A UFO must be larger than 18” on any side.
  3. You must finish the UFO that is assigned for that period in order to receive a fat quarter. The number drawn for the period will be posted on the web site (under Guild Activities/2018 UFO Challenge) and in the newsletter.
  4. A UFO that is quilted by you will receive two fat quarters for each one completed.  UFOs quilted by another person will receive one fat quarter.
  5. A UFO that is combined with another UFO on your list will be counted as one UFO and only 1 fat quarter given.
  6. A UFO that is divided into equal parts and each completely finished, will be considered as two UFOs and you will receive two fat quarters.
  7. UFOs can not be switched around or in and out once your list has been submitted.
  8. Charity (children’s) quilts do not count.